We help you put a number to your countless hours of hard work.

Whether you’re selling or buying a business, raising capital or planning your inheritance (or advising others doing the same), here’s how EquityMaven’s business valuation tool can help you.


It’s cost effective.

Traditional company valuations can be prohibitively expensive, costing up to USD 10,000 per valuation*. At only ZAR 1750 (see Pricing for what this equates to in USD or EUR), our price is a fraction of traditional alternatives, making it affordable - without compromising on accuracy, detail or quality.

*Leah Goddard, Business Valuation Firms in the US, IBISWorld, February 2015

You’ll benefit from four decades of experience in business valuations.

While you understand your business inside and out, you may not understand the technicalities involved with valuation theory, or have access to the expertise and sources of data needed to value a business correctly and comprehensively.


It’s simple.

We know time is precious, which is why our valuation tool is so useful – there are no complex information gathering exercises involved.

It’s quick.

While traditional valuations can take weeks or even months to perform, our valuation reports are available immediately after you’ve completed the inputs process and can be revised as many times as you wish. You’ll immediately be able to see the effect on the valuation if your inputs change.  


It’s independent.

You put in the historical and forecast financial inputs, but beyond that, nobody can influence the technical inputs of the valuation. This means the valuation is unbiased and robust.

It’s global.

Our business valuation tool benchmarks key performance indicators (“KPIs”) of your business against global industry averages, allowing you to evaluate where you’re over or under-performing relative to your peers. If you make corrections in underperforming KPIs, your business should increase in value.


It's current

Our valuation data is current and is updated monthly. Most other valuation reports only update the bulk of their data points annually, meaning your valuation assumptions could be almost a year out of date using their information.

It's robust

Our valuation data is sourced across more than 400 industries in over 120 countries and 50+ currencies, because more detailed valuation assumptions equate to more accurate valuation results.


Convinced of how important it is to understand your business’s true value?