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Better information, better results

It's simple: the better the quality of the information you supply to us, the better the quality of the valuation report we’ll produce. The valuation calculation method itself is not a ‘dark art’, which is why we keep things transparent, always providing comprehensive explanations as to how we arrived at certain figures, so you’re able to understand and defend these assumptions in negotiations.

Input basic data

Input some basic initial data to instantly get a preliminary valuation estimate.



If you want to access a full detailed valuation and a corresponding valuation report, register as a new EquityMaven user and purchase a report subscription.

Input financial figures

Input your business’s key historical and forecasted financial figures into our interface.


Download report

Download our report to get an accurate number of what your business is really worth, along with detailed explanations and worked examples to see exactly how we arrived at these numbers. This means you can explain and defend these numbers confidently in a negotiation.

Change your assumptions as many times as you wish and download unlimited reports during your subscription period, allowing you to iterate your valuation during a negotiation or a strategic planning or budgeting process. 

Monthly subscription

Your subscription gives you monthly access – so you can continue with your negotiations, come back to the tool and amend the inputs if certain factors change, such as your turnover or profit increases.

Compare Pricing

EquityMaven uses a tried and tested “locked box” business valuation method, so while you can negotiate around the inputs, nothing about the methodology changes. Because it’s independent and nobody can influence the technical inputs, our valuations are completely unbiased.

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