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  • What will be included in my valuation report?

    You’ll receive the following:

    • Three valuation figures using different methodologies. 
    • An overview of the valuation theory we used, plus worked examples of valuation methodologies.
    • Technical valuation inputs taken from Refinitiv (previously branded Thomson Reuters).
    • Details of valuation multiples in various geographic regions, to provide context.
    • A sensitivity analysis that looks at how the valuation would change if assumptions changed.
    • The ability to save and store multiple valuations over time.
    • Industry benchmarking using key performance indicators against global industry averages. 

    Want to see how it looks in context? Download a sample valuation report.

  • Will I have access to details on how the calculations were performed?

    Yes, your valuation report includes all of these details, as well as worked examples, so that you can understand exactly how the calculations were performed.

  • Can EquityMaven value a company in my country?

    EquityMaven can value companies in any one of the 124 countries which we have meaningful data for. 

  • Is EquityMaven applicable to companies in my industry?

    We can value businesses in hundreds of different industries. The only broad categories of industries we do not value are primary energy, mining and financial services.

  • Which valuation methods do you use?

    EquityMaven uses a Discounted Cash Flow (“DCF”) as our primary valuation methodology, as it’s widely considered as the most theoretically robust. We then use a Multiples Valuation as the secondary methodology to back up the findings of the DCF. Lastly, we use the Venture Capital Method as an additional valuation method for information purposes.

  • Where does EquityMaven source its data for the valuation?

    We use data from Refinitiv (previously branded Thomson Reuters) which includes information from companies representing 99% of the global market capitalisation, over 167 exchanges in 123 countries (54,500 active companies and 22,500 inactive companies).

  • What if I can’t find an industry classification that describes my business operations exactly?

    EquityMaven uses the Thomson Reuters Business Classification which is the most comprehensive, detailed and up-to-date sector and industry classification there is. It includes hundreds of industries, so you should be able to find a close enough match. If you’re still struggling, please choose the industry that most closely describes your business operations.

  • Am I able to select different currencies when inputting my company’s financials?

    Yes, you’re able to select from 52 different currencies which your company may report its financial statements in.

  • Are EquityMaven valuations certified?

    Our valuations are based on methodologies which are well known and respected within the valuation industry. Our reports are therefore legitimate and objective, and give you a detailed understanding into your company value. 

    EquityMaven valuation reports should, however, not be considered as certified business valuations and should be used for informational purposes only. Our valuations rely on the accuracy and representations of client inputs which are not independently reviewed and verified (as required for certified valuations). EquityMaven valuation reports should therefore not be used for specific tax or legal matters including court proceedings.

  • Do you offer support?

    Yes - please email us any time if you need help with our service: info@equitymaven.com

  • How much does EquityMaven cost?

    Please refer to our Pricing page for more information.

  • What do I get with the EquityMaven free option?

    The free valuation will give you an indicative multiples-based valuation estimate. If you want a more robust and defendable valuation figure using three different methodologies (along with a presentation) – you’ll need to subscribe to our service.

  • Can I cancel my subscription after signing up?

    Once you pay, your subscription is active for a calendar month and it will automatically renew at the end of each month.

    You may cancel the subscription services at any time during the subscription period through your Dashboard. Cancellation requests can be submitted at any time during the subscription period but must be submitted at least 7 (seven days) prior to the end of the current subscription period to avoid the subscription service renewing automatically. Please see EquityMaven’s Commercial Terms.


  • Why a monthly subscription?

    Valuations are typically event-driven, like when you’re buying or selling a business. These processes usually involve many months of negotiations and changes in assumptions and financial forecasts, which all affect a valuation. A monthly subscription therefore allows you to retain this service for as many different valuations as you need.

  • What are my payment options?

    Payment may be made via Visa or MasterCard cards.

  • Do you offer white label solutions for investors, accountants or consultants?

    Not yet but we’re working on it – please get in touch to find out more.

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