EquityMaven was founded by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs and corporate finance specialists.

Inside EquityMaven

Our multifaceted financial expertise spans four decades within the venture capital, private equity, mergers & acquisitions space, concluding varied transactions involving startups, small private companies, large banks, multinationals and other listed corporates.

Nearly all of these deals required a business valuation.

As a result, we have produced, analysed or otherwise used valuations:

  • from every stakeholder vantage point – as owner/seller, investor/buyer, and banker/advisor
  • for every capital structure – senior debt, mezzanine debt, preferred equity and/or common equity
  • across every stage of the company lifecycle – from startup to organic growth to acquisitive growth initiatives to opportunistic divestiture strategies, and from company restructurings to listing corporates on public stock exchanges.


Added to this uniquely broad perspective and deep expertise, we are also entrepreneurs ourselves. Having built successful businesses from the ground up, we know there’s a huge need for a powerful tool that can provide accurate and useful valuations, at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional alternatives.

Our passion

Ultimately, we’re passionate about helping business owners unlock the true value of the companies they’ve worked so hard to build – affordably, accurately and rapidly.

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