Affordable, accurate & rapid business valuations


Why would you need to know what a business is worth?

  • Buying, selling or merging a business

    Selling part or all of your business? Looking to buy one? If you’re selling your business, make sure you don’t lose out on all the years of work you’ve put in by pricing it too low. And if you’re buying a business, gain confidence that you’re not overpaying.

  • Raising funds

    Need to take advantage of opportunities as a business owner but lack the cash? If you want to raise capital through equity, bank finance or crowdfunding, you and your potential investors or lenders may need a valuation of your business from a trusted source to negotiate fair terms.

  • Financial planning

    Own a family business? Is a large part of your net worth tied up in a private company? For life events like retirement or divorce, or if you’re doing estate planning, you need a realistic idea of the business’s value. And if you’ve inherited one, find out the true value of the asset you’ve just received.

  • Ongoing strategic knowledge

    Keen to know and increase what your business is worth? Like public companies benefit from seeing their stock price every day, measuring the valuation of your business over time using consistent markers and KPIs can help you make better strategic decisions, and show you where your company may be lagging compared to its industry peers.

  • Enabling investors, financial advisors, bankers and insurers

    Invest in private companies regularly? Extend loans to private companies or insure small businesses? Use our company valuation reports for your clients, or your own internal stakeholders, in order to assess performance and make more informed decisions.


Why EquityMaven?

We help you put a number to your countless hours of hard work.

Experienced. With four decades of multifaceted experience in business valuations – having closed transactions as owner/seller, investor/buyer, and banker/advisor – we are uniquely positioned to value your business.

Affordable. At only ZAR1750 per month (see Pricing for what this equates to in USD or EUR) for access to unlimited iterations of the report, we offer a far more cost-effective option than traditional valuations. And, our reports are produced simply and rapidly, as soon as you input the data.

Accurate. With valuation algorithms based on industry-leading methodologies, and global valuation data that is updated monthly, we offer the most detailed, up-to-date and accurate valuation results.

Rapid. With a private online user interface, our valuation reports are produced in real time, as soon as you input the data. They’re also iterative, so any changes to key inputs required by reforecasting or negotiations can be processed simply and quickly.



What you get

You’ll receive unlimited iterations and downloads during your subscription period to EquityMaven. Our highly detailed, investment banking-style business valuation reports are based on the information you supply, including:

  • A valuation figure calculated using a discounted cash flow methodology, plus two other valuations using different methodologies.
  • An overview of the theory used to determine your business’s worth.
  • Worked examples of valuation methodologies, which help you understand these calculations.
  • The detailed underlying assumptions and data points used to value your company so that you can explain and defend your valuation.
  • A sensitivity analysis that looks at how the valuation would change if certain assumptions changed.
  • Key Performance Indicators of your business benchmarked against global industry averages, allowing you to evaluate where you’re over or under-performing relative to your peers.

How it works


Share business features

Provide us with the key features of your business, including its industry and country of main operations.


Input financials

Input your business’s key numbers, encompassing historical and forecasted financials, into our simple, intuitive interface.


Get your report

Download your business valuation report with detailed explanations & worked examples.


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